About Us

Having the chance to grow in an environment where Fashion, Elegance and designing traditional Moroccan dresses were the daily routine of all the family, gave me the passion of fashion design since my childhood.

Regular visits to local markets, meeting with highly skilled tailors made Ilham take the plunge and to create Morjane Couture.

Inspiration by Morocco culture,history and traditions combined to a limitless creativity allows us in Morjane Couture to design and produce tomorrow,s Luxury…

Designing kaftans and Djellabas and intricately tailoring them to bespoke perfection are Ilham’s earliest childhood memories of the representation of Moroccan heritage through fashion. It is in this vibrant, color-infused and culturally rich atmosphere of Marrakesh in Morocco that the foundations of Morjane Couture were sculpted by Ilham.

A flair for sourcing yards of delicate materials combined with creative tailoring skills emboldened Ilham to take the plunge and create Morjane Couture.

Today, Morjane Couture is an elegant representation of modern Moroccan fashion infused with traditional cultural nuances that convey timeless elegance.

Morjane Couture: our creations are a manifestation of traditional Moroccan fashion elegance.